Yos Riady software craftsman ๐Ÿš€

Hello! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Yos.

I build software products from planning to launch and beyond.

At the end of the day what matters most is to build products that people want. Iโ€™ve built, launched, and nurtured products from the ground up - itโ€™s not done until it ships. I strongly believe in the power of API-first platforms.

Iโ€™m experienced in Serverless, Node.js, and RESTful API Design. Whatever the challenge, Iโ€™m confident in my ability to break things down to smaller tasks, learn, and execute. I thrive in fast-paced environments.

Knowing multiple paradigms greatly influences your design boundaries, so Iโ€™m constantly learning new technologies. I write and speak to reinforce my learning. I organize several tech meetup groups in Singapore including API Craft, ReactJS, Elixir, Serverless, and AWS.

Within teams, I believe in making it easy for people to do the right things and making it difficult for people to do the wrong things. I believe that intelligence requires clarity.

I play guitar in my spare time.