Yos Riady software craftsman

Hi, I’m Yos 👋

I’m a software engineer based in Singapore. I’m passionate about solving problems, building products, and pushing the boundaries of software development. My current areas of interest are decentralized systems and cryptoeconomics.

I believe what matters most is to build products people want. You must launch something, talk to your users to see if it serves their needs, and iterate rapidly. While I enjoy solving hard engineering problems, I especially love building solutions that provide customer happiness and business value.

I have expertise in decentralized applications, smart contracts, Serverless, API Design, Node.js, React, and a variety of other technologies. Whatever the challenge, I’m confident in my ability to break things down to smaller tasks and execute. At the end of the day, programming languages, frameworks, patterns, and paradigms are simply tools to build working software. You’d never ask a painter what paintbrush they used.

Technology moves at a rapid pace. To reinforce my learning, I write, publish books, and give talks. I organize developer community meetups such as Dapper Academy, API Craft, Serverless, and ReactJS.

In my spare time, I enjoy going for long walks and playing guitar.

Need help on a project? I can guide you from concept to delivery - all without the jargon.

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