Yos Riady software craftsman 🌱

Hello, I’m Yos πŸ‘‹

I build software for fun and profit. I believe what matters most is to build products people want. You must launch something, talk to your users to see if it serves their needs, and iterate.

While I enjoy the process of solving hard engineering problems, I’m especially motivated in solving real customer problems where there is the greatest business value.

Whatever the challenge, I’m confident in my ability to break things down to smaller tasks and execute. I have extensive expertise in Smart Contracts, Serverless, API Design, Node.js, React, and a handful of other technologies and paradigms. Programming languages, frameworks, patterns, and paradigms are tools that help express a software design.

I believe that working software is not the end-all and be-all. An essential part of the software creation process is developing abstractions and meta-language that fits harmoniously with the real-world domain. Software which does not have its roots planted deeply into the domain will not react well to change over time.

To reinforce my learning, I write, speak, and organize API Craft, Serverless, and ReactJS tech communities in Singapore.

I have strong opinions, weakly held.

In my spare time, I enjoy going for nature walks and playing guitar.

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