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PyCon SG 2013

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Python Conference. In this post I’d like to summarize my learning (in freeform!)


Sessions I attended:


Things learned:

  • Nishad talked about the tech schema at Plivo. They used Django-tastypie, among others (Flask, gevent) to speed up development of their REST API
  • Martin talked about how to write a reusable django app, and share it with the world on the Python Package Index. My favourite talk of the conference. Learned a bunch of little nuances about releasing your python packages as open source. He’s automated the whole process as can be seen here: django-reusable-app-template
  • One of the talks were done terribly due to the speaker not having enough mastery over the subject. I learned that it’s important to present something only if you are perfectly comfortable and know the topic inside-out, even if it’s relatively simple.
  • The lightning/startup talks were as interesting, if not more, as startups shared how they were using Python in their stack.


  • Once again, I need to take to heart that conferences are not just about the sessions nor the contents of the talks, but the connections and relationships you make with the attendees. I think a good conference creates an environment to build those connections.
  • Made an effort to talk to some of the attendees and startup people. Learned a bunch and got some business cards.


It was a good conference!


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