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Side Projects

Web3 Singapore

Web3 Singapore is a community of developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts looking to explore and expand their knowledge in decentralized technologies. We meet regularly to discuss ÐApp development, token engineering, protocol design, decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptoeconomics, and more.


Web-Automation-as-a-Service. Extract data or perform automated user actions on practically any website. BrowserFlow is the easy and scalable way to run web automation flows in the cloud.

Tech stack: Node.js, AWS Lambda, React.js, WAML

Web Automation Markup Language (WAML)

The backbone of BrowserFlow. The Web Automation Markup Language (WAML) defines a standard, programming language-agnostic specification for a sequence of steps which can be performed on web pages within the context of a web browser.


Comfy is a modern property rental management platform that offers landlords rent-related tools and services. Comfy makes renting easy for everyone. With elegant products for rental applications, digital leases, and rent payments, Comfy is the smarter way for landlords and tenants to get things done.

Tech stack: Elixir, Phoenix, React.js

Serverless Singapore

A learning community of over 1000 members around serverless architectures and technologies. Where we're going, we don't need servers. Well we do, but you know what we mean.

ReactJS Singapore

A community group for React.js & React Native developers. We organize regular meetups for developers to share their knowledge and expertise around modern frontend development.

Elixir Recipes

Elixir Recipes is a place for collecting and sharing solutions to common problems in the Elixir programming language.


BotSquad's HTTP API lets you run scripts as a web service. BotSquad is dead. If you need something like this, check out glot or Webtask

API Craft Singapore

A community of API enthusiasts learning, designing, and building API-driven digital ecosystems. Topics include API Design, the API development process, and the business of APIs.


Flocale is a local services marketplace that connects consumers with service providers to help you hire trusted professionals at a price that's right for you.

Tech stack: Ruby, Rails


SheetHub is a self-publishing platform and community marketplace for musicians. SheetHub handles all the technical complexities behind hosting and selling your sheet music online, everything from payments, sales, emails, and distribution.

Tech stack: Ruby, Rails