Yos Riady software craftsman 🚀

Side Projects


Comfy Comfy is a modern property rental management platform that offers landlords rent-related tools and services. Comfy makes renting easy for everyone. With elegant products for rental applications, digital leases, and rent payments, Comfy is the smarter way for landlords and tenants to get things done.


Flocale Flocale is a local services marketplace that connects consumers with service providers to help you hire trusted professionals at a price that’s right for you.

BotSquad (Shelved)

BotSquad BotSquad’s HTTP API lets you run scripts as a web service. BotSquad stands for: Bot Operatives Tidily, Skillfully, Quickly, & Usefully Abolish Drudgery. BotSquad is on indefinite hiatus. If you need something like this, check out glot or Webtask.


SheetHub SheetHub is a self-publishing platform and community marketplace for musicians. SheetHub handles all the technical complexities behind hosting and selling your sheet music online, everything from payments, sales, emails, and distribution.

Open Source


Function currying in Elixir.


Elixir client for the Gravatar API.


Artifical Neural Networks in Elixir (in progress.)


Decision Tree Learning in pure Elixir (in progress.)


Merkle Tree implementation in pure Elixir. Merkle trees are useful because they allow efficient and secure verification of the contents of large data structures.


Bloom Filter implementation in pure Elixir. Bloom filters are probabilistic data structures designed to efficiently tell you whether an element is present in a set.

Elixir Recipes

Elixir Recipes is a collection of solutions to common problems in the Elixir programming language.


Naive Bayes classifier for Node.js. Built-in support for numeric attributes and Laplace smoothing.


Open source npm module for converting shell curl commands to HAR request objects.