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16 Feb The Ethics of Money Production

15 Feb The Use of Knowledge in Society


08 Dec Decentralized Finance Explained

10 Nov Best Practices for Smart Contract Development

10 Aug How to Verify Smart Contracts on Etherscan

13 Jul Smart Contract Extensibility with Wrapped Tokens

30 Jun Patronage Reimagined: Harberger Crypto-Collectibles

04 May Patronage Markets

01 May The Fall of Fan Patronage

28 Apr Introducing Web3 Singapore

20 Apr How The Blockchain is Changing How We View Art

14 Apr Ethereum ERC Standards You Should Know About

07 Apr Utility Token Models


18 Nov Harberger Taxes on Ethereum

16 Nov Signing and Verifying Ethereum Signatures

10 Nov Bonding Curves Explained

31 Oct A Whirlwind Tour of Security Token Standards

28 Oct Upgrading Solidity Smart Contracts

20 Oct Common Smart Contract Vulnerabilities and How To Mitigate Them

16 Feb The Serverless Landscape in 2018

14 Feb Best Practices for Building Great API Developer Portals

11 Feb Schema-First API Design

08 Feb Getting Started with Serverless Go

02 Jan Why Serverless


30 Oct Distributed Sagas for Microservices

03 Sep Serverless Authentication with JSON Web Tokens

22 Jun Serverless Payments with Stripe and AWS Lambda

05 May Be a Learner

02 Apr Excerpts from ‘Show Your Work’

20 Mar Knowledge has a Half-life

22 Feb Event-Driven APIs with Webhooks

01 Feb Excerpts from ‘The Daily Stoic’

14 Jan Beyond JSON

01 Jan Recently


11 Dec Excerpts from ‘The Clean Coder'

02 Nov GraphQL in an Age of REST

01 Nov Recently

02 Oct So Good They Can't Ignore You

17 Sep Entity Component Systems in Elixir

07 Sep Composable APIs with Elixir pipes

02 Aug Excerpts from 'The Personal MBA'

15 Jun Publish-Subscribe in Elixir

01 Jun Recently

19 May Merkle Trees in Elixir

01 May Recently

28 Apr Writing and Publishing Elixir Libraries

27 Apr Automated REST API Development

24 Apr Mixins in Elixir

15 Apr Syntactic Extension with Elixir Macros

01 Apr Recently

26 Mar Type Checking in Elixir

25 Mar Elixir Recipes

03 Feb The Art of Thinking Clearly

28 Jan Building an API Gateway with Lua and Nginx

25 Jan DataTron - Data Science for Everyone

23 Jan Probabilistic Inference with Naive Bayes

07 Jan Stateless Authentication with JSON Web Tokens

01 Jan Recently


09 Dec A Node.js Configuration Pattern

01 Nov Recently

19 Oct Introduction to React

01 Oct Recently

12 Sep The Right Way to Version Your API

01 Sep Recently

01 Aug Recently

30 Jul Collaborative Filtering with Apache Spark

01 Jul Recently

25 Apr Lie to Simplify

19 Apr A Practical Approach to Pet Projects

18 Apr Ruby Class Annotations Demystified

12 Apr Building RESTful APIs with Rails

11 Apr Refactoring Fat Rails models with Concerns


02 Dec Rails Vulnerability Scanning and Static Analysis

01 Aug A Gentle Introduction to Web Map APIs

14 Jul Red Dot Ruby Conference 2014

11 Apr Python Generators and the Yield keyword

31 Jan Objective-C @ Compiler Directives

17 Jan Hands-On XCode Debugging


17 Dec Effective Django Debugging with runserver_plus

03 Dec Virtualenvwrapper on OSX Mavericks

02 Sep Startup Lessons Learned - Airtime

20 Aug CS3216 Things Learned - Week 2

07 Aug Grow Beyond with Google

30 Jul Amazon’s AWS Cloud Kata for Startups

29 Jul PyCon SG 2013

25 Jul Python object Serialization with pickle

23 Jul Git Going with Git

21 Jul What I hope to learn in CS3216

21 Jul Handy bash command to copy to clipboard

16 Jul Python dependency management with virtualenv

15 Jul Aliases with .gitconfig and .bash_profile

12 Jul Python List Comprehension

11 Jul Python Higher Order Functional Programming

11 Jul Customizing iTerm2 into a Quake-style terminal

10 Jul Learn Vim in 5 minutes

08 Jul Consuming Web APIs with Python

05 Jul The Decorator pattern in Python